Cultural boycott Tactic #1: False claim of victory.

Musicians cancel concerts for a variety of reasons. When a cancellation occurs in ‪‎Israel‬, however, ‪‎BDS‬ advocates often misrepresent the cancellation as support for the boycott. Their goal is to create the illusion of wider support for their campaign.

What can an artist do? Go on the record. Thank you ‪‎Manfred Mann‬ for doing just that.

“We informed the promoter of the Tel Aviv gig on 3rd November that we were cancelling the concert on the 19th January due to poor ticket sales and security concerns whilst in Israel. The decision to cancel was with the full support of the promoter. Our decision has nothing to do with supporting a boycott of Israel. However, we do not know why the promoter delayed telling the public for the past few months about the decision to cancel the concert.”

Posted by Manfred Mann`s Earth Band on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lana MelmanManfred Mann