EXCLUSIVE Q&A on Ricky Martin with concert promoter Gad Oron

Lana Melman, Liberate Art: What is Ricky like as a person?

Gad Oron, concert promoter: In the short time we had a chance to meet – He sounds and looks a great & happy person who works quite hard.

Lana Melman, Liberate Art: What made Ricky decide to invite 75 Palestinians to be his guest at the concert?

Gad Oron, concert promoter: Well, I believe, as most of the people around this project, that these kids deserve a chance to enjoy the good moments in their day to day lives – music. We shall do whatever we can to assist them to get in, meet Ricky during sound check, and to party with the rest of the fans coming tonight to the show.

Lana Melman, Liberate Art: What’s his favorite spot to hangout in Tel Aviv? 

Gad Oron, concert promoter: Must say he did not have a chance so far, but as he says – the beach.


A BIG thank you for the inside scoops Gad Oron!

Lana Melman