We Educate

Liberate Art reaches hundreds of thousands through events, videos, commentary, speaking engagements and radio, TV and podcast interviews that explain the general issues and analyze current developments.

We have worked with student groups, religious institutions, entertainment groups, entertainment industry publications, and leaders in pro-Israel advocacy in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Paris and London.

We work one-on-one with community and student organizations to provide guidance to both groups and individuals.

Liberate Art produces podcasts with sweeping coverage as well as 3-4 minute videos that zero in on specific issues. Our videos and podcasts are accessible to all.


“Your talk at [at my synagogue] got me off my duff to work against BDS.”

We Connect

We work with Jewish and pro-Israel organizations to produce celebrity events that receive wide attention.

Liberate Art CEO, Lana Melman, is a 20-year veteran of the entertainment industry who has given direct support to over a thousand artists targeted by the BDS.

With its strong relationships within both the entertainment industry and pro-Israel communities, Liberate Art is uniquely suited to connect pro-Israel groups with celebrities who supports their mission.

Liberate Art served as the liaison behind a “Spotlight on Israel TV” feature spread in the iconic Hollywood magazine, Variety.

We produced the first celebrity anti-BDS panel with artists from film, television and music including musician Alan Parsons and actor Mark Pellegrino.

We brought 7-time Grammy winner, Ziggy Marley together with the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in support of its clean water initiative. His statement in support of Israel was picked up by news publications and other organizations and went viral.

See Success Stories for more.

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