The Problem

The cultural boycott campaign is the newest and potentially most dangerous weapon of boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement.

When an artist books a trip (or concert date) to Israel, BDS groups pressure him or her to cancel. They create sham images falsely associating Israel with destruction, racism, apartheid, the murder of children and worse. They circulate slanderous statements, letters and petitions on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about both Israel and the artist.

Let’s face it, celebrities make news. So even when an artist refuses to cancel (hundreds perform and very few cancel), the campaign itself gets covered in publications across the world and spreads its lies. Social media “sharing” spreads the lies further.

On the flip side, when Israeli artists perform for a foreign audience, there are calls for the venue to cancel, performances are disrupted and audiences are forced to walk past intimidating protesters. This negative association creates a false impression of Israel and subjects Israeli artists to harassment and discrimination.

The Solution

The goal of the cultural boycott is the same as other forms of BDS – to make Israel look like a villain – but the effective way to counter it is radically different. Here we can go on the offensive and bring the battle to BDS.

When we reveal the cultural BDS strategies of intimidation, discrimination, and censorship, we focus on the morality of the cultural boycott campaign itself. It’s a winning argument that puts BDS on the defensive.

When celebrities speak out against the cultural boycott and support pro-Israel organizations and missions, we are striking a blow against BDS lies and propaganda.

Liberate Art educates artists and audiences alike about the tactics, strategies and goals of the cultural boycott campaign. We help pro-Israel, pro-peace groups execute their great ideas and projects, and we provide a platform for artists to speak out against BDS.

Our expertise stems from our one-on-one conversations/correspondence with almost a thousand representatives of artists targeted by the BDS.  We have years of experience watching, analyzing and influencing the evolution of the cultural boycott campaign.

Mark Pellegrino Film / TV Star shares why he stands with Israel, prior to our event: DEFENDING ARTISTIC EXPRESSION. Join us in LA on 28 Oct, 2017. It is a FREE event but please, RSVP: