Liberate Art 101: Who We Are + How We Fight the Cultural Boycott of Israel


Our Wins + Strategy: Liberate Art's Offensive Against the BDS Boycott of Israel

Behind BDS’s Mask: What BDS has in Common with Totalitarian Regimes.

Celebrities Speak Out FOR Israel - Hollywood's 1st Anti-BDS Event

Celebrity Heroes: The Artists Choosing Art and their Fans over BDS's Hate

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BDS = Vicious, Anti-Peace Bullies

Israel: Middle East Haven of Tolerance. Liberate Art Sets the Record Straight

Liberate Art Interviews Actor, Mark Pellegrino [“Lost,” “Dexter,” “Supernatural”]

The Tactics and Impact of the Cultural BDS

Lana Melman, Speaker


Lana Melman arms college activists

Liberate Art brings high profile artists together to have an impactful conversation about BDS

Liberate Art Empowering Middle School Students

Liberate Art in Action


Meet Lana Melman, CEO of Liberate Art

Liberate Art brings Ziggy Marley to Jewish National Fund event

Liberate Art Empowering Middle School Students

What Israel Means to Me

Key Celebrities Supporting the Cultural BDS

Liberate Art is a go-between for Variety's feature on Israel.

Performing artists argue boycotts of Israel

BDS protestors cause disturbance in London - a Liberate Art original video brings crucial context to these infringements on cultural exchange.

Thank you for supporting the fight against the Cultural Boycott against Israel

LA Israeli Consulate Sam Grundwerg thanks Liberate Art

Lana Melman Featured Speaker at Israel Bonds

Alan Parsons Joins anti-BDS Celebrity Panel for Liberate Art

Liberate Art Live at the boycott of Batsheva Dance Company

Lana Melman, CEO of Liberate Art, visited the famous Rimon School of Music in Israel.

BDS Discriminates against Israeli Artists

Melman Radio and TV Interviews


Lana Melman featured on DayStar

What happens on US campuses when BDS is around?

The Cultural Boycott and the Social Media Power of Artists

Where is support for the cultural boycott coming from?

What are show biz folks doing to support Israel?

Alicia Keys targeted by anti-Israel, anti-peace boycott pressure

The Cultural Boycott as a Freedom of Artistic Expression Issue not a Political Israel Issue

Lana Melman on Roger Waters and his BDS support (2017)

Lana Melman talks with Atlanta's NewsTalk about BDS and mores and his BDS support

Which side is winning in the cultural BDS campaign against Israel?

Who is Lana Melman and what is Liberate Art?

Melman Artist Interviews


Actor, Mark Pellegrino - Cultural Boycotts are Discrimination - TV Shows: Lost, Dexter, Supernatural

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Alan Parsons Joins anti-BDS Celebrity Panel for Liberate Art

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Artists Corner: Comic Avi Liberman helps heal lives with Comedy for Koby

Avi Liberman: Creating Emissaries and on Being Jewish

Artists on BDS