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The cultural boycott campaign uses artists and celebrities as a tool to spread damaging lies about Israel to millions of people
across the globe.


The Problem

BDS is weaponizing art

BDS is not just trying to get the artist to cancel, but to use his or her name and likeness to draw attention to their slanderous statements and poison hearts and minds.

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The Solution

Go on the offense

The goal of the cultural boycott is the same as other forms of BDS – to make Israel look like a villain – but the effective way to counter it is radically different.

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We Educate

Cultural Boycott Expert

Liberate Art reaches hundreds of thousands through events, videos, commentary, speaking engagements and radio, TV and podcast interviews that explain the general issues and analyze current developments.

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We Connect

Hollywood Liaison

With its strong relationships within both the entertainment industry and pro-Israel communities, Liberate Art is uniquely suited to connect pro-Israel groups with celebrities who support their mission.

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We Educate.
We Inspire.
We Have an Impact.

Because artists and pop culture icons have the power to influence public opinion worldwide, they are increasingly becoming the weapon of choice in the effort to delegitimize Israel.

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Who is behind liberate art inc.?

About Lana Melman

CEO, Lana Melman is a leading expert and commentator on the cultural boycott effort against Israel, a Hollywood liaison, and a professional speaker and writer.

She has spoken with almost a thousand artists and/or their representatives and was instrumental in preventing numerous cancellations of scheduled concerts and tours in Israel.

Together with other high-profile members of the entertainment community, Lana circulated a statement in support of Israel’s right to defend herself, which was ultimately signed by over 300 Hollywood luminaries, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Seth Rogen, Kelsey Grammer, Sylvester Stallone, Roseanne Barr, and Sarah Silverman.

Lana also worked closely with Scarlett Johansson‘s representative during the SodaStream/Super Bowl controversy, and with Alicia Keys’ team when she received extreme boycott pressure in connection with her performance in Tel Aviv.

An entertainment attorney, Lana worked in both business and creative capacities at CBS, Warner Bros., Columbia Pictures, and Paramount, as well as a writer and executive producer.

Lana Melman, it was a perspective I’ve never heard before, that BDS’s cultural boycott is a form of censorship.
— Student response to “Who was your favorite speaker and why?” (Anonymous survey)
I get so many op-ed submission these days, and this is really one of the most interesting and unique of the bunch.
— Jacob Kamara, Managing Director and Editor in Chief, (Jewish National Service)
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“You always do a great job and the penetrating information [you provide] is really helpful for many unfamiliar with the issue. Continued success in your important work.” – Mike Siegel, Radio Host


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