ISRAELLYCOOL - “Comedian” Owen Benjamin Continues His Unhinged Obsession With Jews

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Less than a week after I posted about Owen Benjamin’s video mocking the Holocaust(which some readers still did not think constituted antisemitism), followed by a response containing more antisemitism, the “comedian” has well and truly shown he is a rabid Jew hater.

Almost all of his Instagram posts since then have been about Jews, and are designed to promote hatred towards us. I am posting them as screenshots, since Benjamin has already deleted at least one post:

I will inevitably get the same comment I always get: “Why are you giving him attention?” My answer is simple – he may be a sick puppy but he’s a sick puppy with a relatively large following (His YouTube channel has close to a quarter of a million subscribers, and his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts have tens of thousands of followers). I personally find it hard to stomach such Jew hatred, going out to so many people, without fighting back.

Meanwhile, it seems he did explode after all.

And yes Benjamin used to do videos for (the Jewish) Prager University.

Lana Melman