Personal Statement

"I am deeply concerned about the global effort to impose a cultural boycott on Israel, and the threat it poses to the freedom of artistic expression.

I believe art is integral to the human experience. It  simultaneously reflects the world in which we live and serves as a vehicle for change. I believe that the threat to freedom of expression anywhere is a threat to that freedom everywhere. I hope you’ll join me in the fight to defend it.”


Who is Lana Melman?


CEO, Lana Melman is a leading expert and commentator on the cultural boycott effort against Israel, a Hollywood liaison, and a professional speaker and writer.

She has spoken with almost a thousand artists and/or their representatives and was instrumental in preventing numerous cancellations of scheduled concerts and tours in Israel.

Together with other high-profile members of the entertainment community, Lana circulated a statement in support of Israel’s right to defend herself, which was ultimately signed by over 300 Hollywood luminaries, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Seth Rogen, Kelsey Grammer, Sylvester Stallone, Roseanne Barr, and Sarah Silverman.

Lana also worked closely with Scarlett Johansson‘s representative during the SodaStream/Super Bowl controversy, and with Alicia Keys’ team when she received extreme boycott pressure in connection with her performance in Tel Aviv.

Lana was the premier director of Creative Community For Peace (CCFP), an entertainment-based nonprofit organization devoted to countering the cultural boycott against Israel.

Lana has two sons and lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Jeff Melman, a Directors Guild of America and Emmy Award nominated director and producer.




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