What moves a non-Jewish student to take a stand against anti-Zionist bullies on his college campus?

For one young man, it was a scene in a movie.

Films have the ability to educate us, inspire us, and transform us because they allow us to walk in another man’s shoes.

In this excellent article for the Observer by Shani Shahmoon, contributor to the Haym Salomon Center, University of California-Irvine (UCI) student Kevin Brum who is not Jewish was profoundly inspired by a scene in “Schindler’s List.” In the scene that replays in Mr. Brum’s mind, a Jew asks a Soviet soldier where to go, now that he was just liberated from the concentration camp—only to realize that no matter where he goes, he will be hated because he is a Jew.

Today Kevin Brum serves as vice president of Students Supporting Israel (SSI) at UCI, leading the fight against Anti-Zionism Week taking place on campus.

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Lana Melman