Hollywood Spotlights Israel! (Press Release)

CONTACT: Lana Melman, CEO Liberate Art, Inc.

Los Angeles – October 18, 2016

All eyes will be on Israel’s film and television industry this month with a special editorial spotlight in Variety Magazine and an online event featuring Israel’s most exciting filmmakers and shows.

Variety Magazine is shining a spotlight on Israel’s groundbreaking TV at this year’s MIPCOM in Cannes, digging deep into what makes this country’s programs so identifiable as Israeli and yet so universally appealing.

Lana Melman, CEO of Liberate Art, Inc., worked as the Hollywood liaison behind the entertainment magazine’s special editorial.

Building on this initiative, Liberate Art is hosting an exciting online event as a platform to build awareness regarding Israeli excellence in the arts. Promotional partners include the American Israeli Cultural Foundation (AICF).

According to Melman, “The Variety spotlight on Israel ensures that the international television community will learn about the ideas, the players, and the potential of Israel’s television industry.”

MIPCOM, the largest event of its kind, is attended by representatives of television studios and broadcasters who use the event as a marketplace to buy and sell new programs and formats for international distribution.  

The online event, Hollywood Spotlight on Israel, will provide a glimpse into the international powerhouse that is Israeli’s artistic community, behind the scenes commentary from the entertainment community, clips from internationally lauded Israeli films and much more. 

Lana Melman is a leading expert and commentator on the cultural boycott effort against Israel, a Hollywood liaison, and a professional speaker and writer.
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Lana Melman