Wonder Woman attacked by newest threat to the free world – BDS

Pow! K-tam Bam!

The boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign is  pressuring the Lebanon government to ban the new Wonder Woman movie to be released this June 2.

Why? Because the heroine is played by Israeli superstar, Gal Gadot.

Other classic villains seeking to destroy Wonder Woman, a founding member of the Justice League and warrior princess of the Amazonian people, include Doctor Poison, Doctor Psycho and Giganta.

BDS fits right in with this crew.

All this on the heels of the recent announcement that four overseas filmmakers have cancelled their attendance at the Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival due to boycott pressure. The festival is scheduled to open on Thursday and run through June 10.

Will this latest BDS campaign hurt Wonder Woman’s box office receipts? No. People all over the world will line up to see Gal Gadot, who is receiving much praise for her performance.

The cultural boycott campaign, however, seeks to do battle on two different fronts. The first front is the Israeli psyche. Their effort is designed to weaken the Israeli people by making them feel isolated and shunned.

The second front is the hearts and minds of the rest of the world. By cashing in on the publicity generated by cultural events such as this sure to be blockbuster film, BDS can spread their toxic propaganda and attempt to poison millions across the planet.

A classic plot in comic books. Not surprising coming from BDS proponents who’s false claim of human rights advocacy is a big joke.

Fortunately, Wonder Woman, the avatar of truth, justice and the Amazonian way will sleigh evil in this battle both on and off screen.

But stay tuned good people of the earth. This war is not over.


Lana Melman